Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

SGBuildershub respects the privacy of the users and will strictly comply with the strictest standards of confidentiality and compliance with respect to the Data Protection Act. The Privacy Statement issued forms a part of the Data Protection Act.


Purpose of Displaying Personal / Company Information

When using (“SGBuildersHub”), advertiser’s information are displayed in the contact information to enhance a better experience for the users of the site. SGBuildersHub’s purpose for collecting the information and data on the website or in any other ways is due to the following purposes:

1) To assist the users in finding the right contact person for the appropriate machine

2) To assist the users in finding the right contact person for the appropriate attachments

3) To provide users with latest updates of machineries, information on vehicles and promotional and marketing materials

4) To follow up with the users’ feedback and queries

5) To personalise marketing content for the advertisers

6) To obtain statistic of the website (e.g. Traffic Flow, Views) so that we can better enhance your experience and stay at SGBuildersHub


Collection of Data

SGBuildersHub collects your data mainly through two means:

1) Hard Copy Application form to be an advertiser

2) Online application form registering to be an advertiser

SGBuildersHub will never release personal information and data to third parties except in the circumstances listed under the section “Disclosure of Data”.

SGBuildersHub will also ensure that machinery prices and information (“the Listings”) submitted are kept secret until published, and it will never sell or provide other third parties with such information prior to publishing.


Disclosure of Data

SGBuildersHub will take all steps to keep all personal information and data of advertisers confidential in accordance to this statement. However, SGBuildersHub may disclose or transfer information based on the following circumstances:

1) Where the information is required by the relevant authorities and agencies by the Government of Singapore

2) Where the information is transferred to third party vendors who are authorised by SGBuildersHub to manage the site

By using the website, users are deemed to have agreed to, consented and authorised the disclosure of their information as stated above.


Changes in Privacy Policy

SGBuildersHub reserves the rights to update, amend or review this policy from time to time. As such, users will be notified  via our news column, email for approved vendors, or on the home page. Should there be any queries regarding this policy, feel free to contact us via the Contact Us Form or send your feedback to